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Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

Join Sir Cucumber on his quest to save Princess Tomato from the evil clutches of Minister Pumpkin. From his lair in the Zucchini Mountains, Minister Pumpkin sends out his cruel farmies to terrorize innocent vegetables throughout the Salad Kingdom. For rescuing the Princess, Sir Cucumber is promised her hand and the Kingdom as well.

Use commands to make your way through the Salad

Move - Move to a nearby destination
Look - View the area around you for important details!
Check - Have a closer look for hidden objects!
Talk - Talk to everyone for clues!
Take - If you see something you can use, take it!
Use - Use your items in the right place!
Give - Give an item to others and they may give something back!


Be sure to check your surroundings carefully; many hidden things and places wait to be discovered.

Buy - Trade money for items
Hit - Can be used to open the way
Fight - Use this when all else fails!
Praise - A few kind words can go a long way
Dump - Carrying too much? Use this to drop some
Item - Check out what items you are carrying
Percy - If you need advice, ask Percy


Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

This early adventure game uses a menu of commands to interact with the world. The areas aren't overly expansive so you can always use trial and error if you are completely stumped. The game is very light hearted and humorous, following the exploits of Sir Cucumber as he travels through the Salad Kingdom in order to save Princess Tomato.

As with most games in this genre, there isn't much action and you will instead need to rely on your wits and observational skills in order to advance. It is definitely different than most games found on the NES and isn't for those looking for fast paced action or an immersive rpg. Quirky characters and imaginative scenery dominate the landscape providing one of the most unique experiences found on the NES.