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Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom - Guide

Stage 1

On the road you will see a red flower. Use the TAKE command to pick it up. MOVE forward into the forest and you will find a Baby Persimmon. If you use CHECK on him, you will see he looks thirsty and could use some water. Moving forward once more, you will come to an intersection. Check the signpost there to find out where each path leads. To the east is the gate of Saladoria but the guard is uncooperative and won't let you pass. Move to Lake Quench and once there, you can take some water and put it in the pot.

Move back to the Baby Persimmon and give him the water. He looks relieved enough for you to TALK to him. He introduces himself as Percy and tells you his friends are being held in the Melon Patch by the Farmies. Use the LOOK command to stop talking to Percy and he will accompany you on your quest. You can now use the PERCY action to get helpful hints (occasionally) from Percy in the area you are in.

Move back to the intersection then move again to the Melon Patch to help Percy's friends. Unfortunately it looks like the Farmies put up a fence to keep people out. Though it seems like there's no way through, use look on the fence and some Cherry Birds will fly out from below. Use check on the bush and you will find there is a person there! Move to the bush and you will find Prince Lettuce. He is unresponsive so give him some of your water to wake him up. He tells you of a secret passage under the fence and asks for your assistance in saving the other vegetables from the cruel Farmies.

Back at the fence, move through the passage to find 4 melons that look like they're in pretty rough shape. Give them some water to freshen them up and talk to them and one will give you a gate pass, saying you can get passed the guard there with it.

Back at the intersection, move to the town and USE the pass on the guard. He is more alert than he looks and points out you don't look anything like the picture on the pass and takes it from you. It looks like you're going to have to find another way around. Back at the lake, look around and you will discover a nest up in the tree. Check the nest to find a gold coin. If you move over to the shrine from the lake, you can give it the flower to make the statue look happier. If you ask Percy for advice, he will tell you the guard sometimes dozes off. Go back to the town gate to find a sleeping guard. Walk passed him into the town to begin chapter 2!

Stage 2

In Orange Park, talk to the garlic to hear about an old scholar who lives on the mountain. The garlic won't tell you any more after that until you bring him a cup of coffee. Talk to Percy and he tells you coins sometimes pop out of the fountain. Check the fountain then talk to Percy again and he will tell you how to hit it in the right spot. HIT the fountain and a gold coin will pop out but make sure to use the take command to pick it up! Move to the Mt Side and the old vegetable Mr. Corn will tell you how to exchange coins for Saladorian currency at the antique shop.

Move to main street and you will see a lot of stores you can visit but we're only interested in coffee for now. Move to the coffee shop and BUY some coffee from Miss Plum. Talk to her and you will hear about some strange waiter at the Cabaret. Back in Orange Park, give the garlic the coffee and he will ask you for some donuts. Talk to him again and he will tell you the cabaret sells them.

At Main St, check the strip and you will find the Cabaret Celery at the end. If you try to enter the cabaret, the doorman will stop you saying you need Saladoria money. Visit the antique shop and Mr. Pear will ask you to deliver a message to Miss Peachy. Visit the Deli over at Orange Park and give her the letter and she will give you a sandwich. Back at the antique shop, the grateful clerk will exchange your coins into Saladorian coins.

Enter the cabaret and look around. Talk to the waiter a few times and he will tell you someone wants to meet you in the bathroom. It sounds strange but move to the restroom anyway. Check the trash a few times and you will find a donut. It's kind of disgusting but it's not like you're the one eating it, right? Take the donut and head back to Orange Park. You will find a different person on the bench and a crying child. Talk to the child to learn he is hungry. Give him the sandwich you got from the Deli and talk to him again to learn the wanderer on the bench is his dad. Talk to the wanderer and he tells you about a secret resistance base in the Parsley Forest. Back at the Mt Side, Mr. Corn will tell you the resistance leader has a headache and the pharmacy near the cabaret sells aspirin.

Important - if you ever need more coins, search the vicinity of the Mt Side, you can find clover which can be sold at the antique store for money

At Main St, you won't be able to find the pharmacy so move to the cabaret. Praise the vain door man and he will tell you the pharmacy is behind the building. Move to the pharmacy from the cabaret and talk to the clerk a few times and he will give you the aspirin. Back in Orange Park, you can talk to the flower girl and buy a flower from her. Talk to her some more and learn about the bookshop in the park that's a secret meeting place for resistance members. In the bookstore, Percy thinks the suspicious clerk is working with the farmies. Hit the clerk and he will run out. Hit the register and a coin will fall out for you to take. Check the counter and you will find a mysterious key you can take. While leaving the store, you will be ambushed by farmies outside!

Stage 3

In the prison, check the inmates to see who is in the cell so you can talk to them all. If you ask Percy for advice, he says Potato may be hiding something. If you HIT Potato, he will become more cooperative and will give you a file when you talk to him. Unfortunately as you are using the file an officer comes by and takes you directly to the interrogation room. Keep talking to Sgt Pepper and he will notice you are holding a file and will even turn red with rage!

After you give him the file, he takes you to the torture room to watch you suffer as it's filling up with water. If you check the door a few times, you will notice a small hole with rust on it. Hit the door until Sgt Pepper leaves then hit it again and you will hear it rattle. If you check the door you will discover a keyhole! Use your key on the door and move out of the torture room.

You will be facing the jail door and if you look around a few times, you will notice the Garlic Wanderer inside. You can talk to him and finally give him that donut but his memory is still a bit foggy. You can also hit the alarm on the wall but it will land you right back in the torture room. If that happens, look around on the floor for the key to escape again. Move right twice to find the storage room. The other door leads to Sgt Pepper's office. In the storage room, look around and take the rope. Back at the Garlic Wanderer, talk to him until he gives you a grenade he carved from a bar of soap.

Move to Sgt Pepper's office and enter despite Percy's warnings. He is too tough to fight so use the garlic's soap grenade to scare him. Use the rope to tie him up and move back to the storage room to find a lantern. Outside the storage room, leave the police station and you will see some cops outside. Use the lantern to disguise yourself then leave the station.


Continued in Part 2