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Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom - Guide

Stage 7

In Sopville, check the vicinity to discover the 3 wanderers behind the buildings. They don't seem very talkative so use the crest to show you are really with the resistance. If you talk to Squash after, he tells you about a secret passage on Pea Street. Check the left and right shops to find the bar and the store. Move to the bar and check the customers. Talk to them then use the crest. Go to Pea Street and check the two shady characters. Talk to them then give them all of your gold to get the shovel. Leave the area then go back to Pea Street and use the crest. Talk to D.R. and he will tell you to see the old lady around the corner.

Move to the house and talk to the old lady. Use the crest then give her the medicine. Talk to her again to hear about someone named Radish Ron who may have a key to the castle. If you check the ground, you can find a gold coin! Go back to the bar and talk to the 3 wanderers again. Leave the bar and move back in then use the crest again if you haven't already. Talk to Ron to get the key he found. Move back to the old lady and talk to her to learn about the secret passage. Move to Pea Street then move to the passage. Go in and you will find it's too dark to continue on so you will need to find something to make it through. Leave the passage and if you check the bar, it looks like there's been a fight and Ron is missing. Move back to the old lady and talk to her a few times and she will tell you how to get through the passage. Move back to the passage and go forward, right, left and forward. Use the shovel and the wall will crumble. Move forward again to the door to get out of the passage.

Stage 8

Check the vicinity and take the pine tar and oil pot. Look around the room to find the chain and mirror. Take them both and if you can't fit everything in your items, you'll have to leave it behind and return for it later. Exit the room to find a hallway with a bunch of doors. Move to the far right door and use the key. Move inside and check the vicinity until you find the desk. Check the picture and the paper which turns out to be a letter. Take the letter and check drawer 3 for a gold coin.

Back in the hallway, try to enter the near right door to meet a chamber maid who says the Princess is in the bath. Move to the far left door in the hallway to find the royal shower room. Use hit on the shower and talk to the orange to learn the Princess is out in the garden. If you talk to her again, she gives you a hint about getting by the sleeping guard. Back in the hallway, move forward to find another set of doors. Turn left to find the garden. Look around and check the pond a few times and Percy will fall in. To save him, use the water wings. If you have a full inventory you won't be able to so dump the pine tar to make room. Percy will give you the ornament he found once he gets out.

Back in the hallway, turn right to find the guard's shadow. Use the ornament to distract the guard then use the oil pot to make him slip. Finally, use the chain to tie him up. The jail door is locked to check the hallway a few times then look to find the guard's keys. Use the keys to unlock the door then move inside. Look at the vegetables to see who's there. Use the crest to show you are with the resistance. If you give a gold coin to the bell pepper, he will give you an important sequence you should remember. Look around again to find a barrel then check it a few times to find a white leaf inside. Check the white leaf to see he's all dried up so give him some water. If you don't have any water, you can get some at the pond in the garden. Talk to the white leaf and show him the crest then talk to him again to learn Minister Pumpkin's son is allergic to caterpillars. If you check lettuce, you will find a caterpillar on him then make sure to take it!

Back in the hallway, enter the near left door to find a sleeping chamber maid. Check the door and move through it to find an empty room. Check the bed to find it's still warm. Look to find the right door. Exit the room and you will be back in the hallway. Move back to the maid's room and you will find she is now gone. Move through the left door to go back to the pink bedroom then move through the right door. In the dressing room, look and then check all of the items. Hit the strange stool a few times then check it until you find the diary. Check the diary and go back to the hallway. Move to the maid's room once again then go through the left door and you'll see someone on the bed. Talk to the old woman then use the crest. If you talk to her again, she still won't be convinced you are with the resistance and will tell you to get out. Stop talking to her then talk to her again and give her the chameleon grass before talking. It turns out she was Princess Tomato in disguise the whole time! Talk to her to learn about the Turnip Emblem then move out of the room back to the hallway.

Move forward to find a guard by some large doors. Fight him and remember to always look up! After beating him, move to the main hall and look around, Move to the open door to find Minister Pumpkin's bedroom. Check the shelf to find some books then check the books. If you take the books and check them again, you will get a valuable hint. Check the strange bed again to find a hidden staircase! Check the stairs and someone will push you down into the basement maze!

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Map Legend
E - entrance / exit
M - mama monster
B - baby monster
1 - 1st hole
2 - 2nd hole
3 - 3rd hole
P - papa monster


The goal here is to reach the baby monster but you won't have to fight him or anything. Then you need to find the first, second and third holes in that order. Then finally you need to find and defeat the papa monster. If you run into any mama monsters on the way, you will have to fight them to continue on. Remember - the mama and papa monsters will always look left!

Once you beat the papa monster you will find yourself out of the basement maze and face to face with Minister Pumpkin! Get a close look at him then get ready to fight. Remember the message from the vegetables in the jail? It's Minister Pumpkin's attack pattern:

paper, paper, rock, scissors, rock, scissors, scissors, paper

and it will repeats. After you win, talk to him. Move back to Princess Tomato's room and talk to her. She says you can escape together through the garden so move there then move to the exit.

Stage 9

At the celebration, talk to everyone. All of a sudden, Jr Pumpkin will show up and try to abduct Princess Tomato but is beaten up by the Soursop Wanderer before he can get away. You can fight Jr Pumpkin but he'll never admit defeat gracefully. Instead, remember his weakness and use the caterpillar on him. Jr Pumpkin will run away, leaving the Turnip Emblem behind. With peace restored to the Salad Kingdom, Sir Cucumber's quest is finally over!


The End!