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Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom - Guide

Stage 4

Back at the intersection in Spinach Heights, go to the melon patch and through the secret passage. 3 of the melons are missing and the other is too dehydrated to talk. Move to Lake Quench and take some water. Check the bush twice to find a blue umbrella. Make sure to take it! There's also a nest of baby birds inside the bush. If you talk to Percy at the shrine, he will give you a hint about an enemy's weakness.

At the melon patch, give water to the Water Melon to find out everyone has been harvested. If you look in the 3rd hole, you will find a mole hole. Use the umbrella and the mole will come out. The mole seems a bit thirsty if you check him so give him some water. The refreshed mole will tell you of a hidden treasure called the Yam Medallion in the Parsley Forest guarded by an enemy named Saladron. The mole will also give you half of a set of instructions. Talk to the Water Melon again to learn where the forest guard's shack is.

Move to the shack but it doesn't seem anyone is home. If you check the vicinity a farmie will show up but fortunately he doesn't see you. Move forward to discover a stream but it seems Percy can't swim and needs water wings in order to make it across. Back at the shack, talk to Percy and the forest guard will show up. Give the forgetful guard the umbrella you found and he will give you some water wings in exchange. Move forward over the river and you will run right into a farmie. Use the FIGHT command to take him on! Fighting takes place in 2 phases. The first is a paper, rock, scissors game where you choose your move on the d-pad:

up / down: rock
right: paper
left: scissors

In the second phase, you must guess which direction the farmie will look. This one will always look down so press down on the d-pad.

Map Legend:
E - entrance / exit
M - coin
C - compass
S - shovel
T - tin can
L - Saladron's lair



After defeating the farmie, you will be in the Parsley Forest. Moving in the forest is a bit different in that you can move forward and turn left or right without using the menu once move is selected. Your goal is to find they key items in the forest and find Saladron's lair. Looking at the map, you will see the compass is right near the entrance which will help you keep your bearings. The other key items are the shovel and tin can.

At the lair, you will find a spooky looking tree. Percy suggests throwing something to see if anyone is there so use the tin can. The noise attracts Saladron who you will have to beat 3 times in a fight. Remembering the hint from the shrine, use scissors against him every time to beat him easily. Once he runs off you can move into the tree. Check the vicinity a few times to discover the altar and the mound of dirt near it. Something looks fishy so use the shovel you picked up on the mound. Keep using it until Percy finds a medal in the soil. Take the medal then leave to find Mr. Leek outside. He says he is willing to take you to the resistance lair and gives you a bottle of Grape Juice if you don't have some already from Saladoria.

Stage 5

Go into the resistance base and forward down the hall and you will hear people talking. Enter the door and you will find some resistance members inside. They won't be very talkative so show them the medal to show that you are on their side. Suddenly Lisa, Princess Tomato's human sister, walks in. Talk to her and she will tell you the General is having headaches. Give her the aspirin then leave the meeting room to give the General a moment to recover.

Move back into the meeting room and move to Lisa. She will take you to General Cantaloupe who will give you the resistance crest. Back in the hallway, you can move into the door on the right side to find Lisa's room. She says she lost her pendant while cleaning her room earlier. Outside the base, look around to discover some boxes along the wall. Check inside the boxes a few time to find the pendant. Take it and give it back to Lisa.

Back in the hallway, go left to find Grapy guarding the door. He seems to really like grape juice so give him yours and he will give you some clover juice but still won't let you in. Go talk to Lisa again and she will give you permission to go into the room Grapy is guarding. Move to the room and look around. There's a lot of weapons in there but what you're really after is the nut bomb. In the meeting room, look at the soldiers and talk to them. They tell you to find an enemy called Bananda who is somewhere near the Peanut Village.

Stage 6

At the vegetable tomb, check the vicinity then check the bottles. Ask Percy and he will find a note inside one of the bottles that tells of the magical properties of chameleon grass. Move forward to find the Peanut Village and talk with the chief and his wife to learn their daughter has been kidnapped by Bananda. Check the vicinity to see the house and park. Move to the park and check out the statue. You can check the message below it but can't read it without a word book. Look to see who is in the park and talk to them to learn about the convenience store and the hermit. If you check the ground you can find a coin in the grass.

If you visit the hermit, he says he wants something to eat and won't talk to you further. Just don't try to hit him or you will find yourself back in Carrot Plateau! Move to the store from the park and you can buy the wordbook and a squid. Use the wordbook on the statue to find out what the message says then move to the hermit and give him the squid. He mentions the village chief has a lamp and sends you on your way. Back in Carrot Plateau, move to the cave and you will find it's too dark to continue. Visit the chief and ask Percy to get the chief to give you the lamp.

Move back to the cave and go forward. Thankfully you still have your compass from the Parsley Forest! Just inside the entrance you will run into Bananda. You can't fight him since he doesn't have fingers so use your Nut Bomb to blast him out of the way. Keep digging through Bananda's pieces until you find Nutty, the chief's daughter. Move out of the cave and back to the village where the chief and his wife greet you. Move to his house and talk to him to get the battery to power the fabled dice-o-matic. Move to the hermit and ask Percy for advice. He says the hermit loves Clover Juice so give him some to receive the medicine in return.

Map Legend
E - enter / exit
B - Bananda
C - coin
D - Dice-O-Matic




Move back to the cave and navigate to the dice-o-matic. Remember back to the message from the statue and use the medal on the door. Move into the cockpit and ask Percy for advice. Check the vicinity to find a slot for the battery. Use the battery to restore power then HIT the lever a few times to get it started.

Keep moving forward to the tree until you run into Minister Pumpkin's dice-o-matics. Move forward and fight the enemies. After you win, you will have to fight Minister Pumpkin himself. Minister Pumpkin will alternate looking between right and left when beaten, so remember the pattern to defeat him easily. After the fight he will run away, leaving you in front of the large tree. Check the tree in this order: vicinity, trunk, branch, leaves and then roots to find the grass. Take the grass then check the ground to find the missing right half of the instructions. Take the right instructions then check them to find out how to use the chameleon grass. Use the grass twice to disguise yourself to sneak into Sopville.


Continued in Part 3