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Capcom 1990


Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Little Nemo is invited to the royal palace of the King of Slumberland. Along the way, he has many adventures in a land where dreams are real, and danger is everywhere. The good King of Slumberland has been kidnapped by the wicked Nightmares. Can you help Little Nemo rescue the good King, and restore peace to the land of dreams?

Little Nemo must make his way through 8 different dreams. You will find yourself traveling through a giant mushroom forest, exploring a sunken shipwreck and even traveling across the clouds as you guide Nemo on his quest to rid the Nightmares from Slumberland!

Find all six keys throughout each level to unlock the door leading to the next dream. Every key is needed so be sure to explore everywhere.

Nemo is not alone on his adventure. By feeding them candy, some creatures will lend him their assistance.

Is able to jump high and can land on an enemy's head to defeat them. Is also a fast swimmer.
The mole will allow you to dig paths through the ground. You won't be able to jump or attack while in this form.
Nemo will be able to jump and grab onto walls while riding the lizard but won't be able to attack enemies.
The gorilla can climb up walls like the lizard and has a punch attack. He can't jump on enemies though.
The bee can reach incredible heights with its limited flying ability and can also shoot a needle while in the air.
With the crab, Nemo can attack with its pincers or even burrow into the sand to travel below obstacles.
The fish allows Nemo to move through the water with lightning speed and precision accuracy.
The mouse can also climb walls like the lizard but its real talent is to burrow though weak sections of walls.


Armed only with a bag of limitless candy, Nemo must overcome the nightmares that have invaded Slumberland. Here are some of the enemies you will face:

They are slow moving but are often on ledges so make sure they don't get the drop on you!
Army Ant
Army Ants are fast moving and patrol the air.

Frogs are fairly quick but they are easily avoided by simply jumping over them.

Worms hide below the ground, popping up when Nemo is near. They are slow and easily avoidable.
This pair of crows moves across the top of the screen dropping eggs along the way.
Flying Fish
These dangerous fish wait in the water until Nemo gets near

Puppets hang from tree branches, attempting to get the drop on Nemo as he moves underneath.
These dive bombers will attempt to crash into Nemo from above

Tadpoles are the menace of the sea, chasing Nemo mercilessly while he is under water.
Bats hang from cave ceilings, moving towards Nemo when he draws near.

These annoying enemies attach themselves to the side of walls, shooting pellets at anything that gets near.
Float Fiend
Float Fiends will fall from the sky attempting to land on Nemo.

Flying Squirrel
Flying squirrels wait from above until Nemo gets near then leap forward with surprising speed.
These odd monkeys balance themselves on a stack of plates, throwing them rapidly at Nemo