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Nintendo 1987


Kid Icarus

All is not well in Angel Land. The evil Medusa has launched a surprise attack and imprisoned Palutena, the Queen of Light. With her last ounce of power, Palutena sent a magical bow and arrow to the young angel Pit so that he may begin his journey to save Angel Land and the Earth. In order to do this, he must recover the sacred artifacts that are a source of power to Palutena's army: The Mirror Shield, Light Arrows and Wings of Pegasus. This won't be easy as the land is swarmed with Medusa's army and each artifact is guarded by a powerful gatekeeper. With the artifacts in hand, Pit will be able to challenge Medusa in the Sky Tower and save Queen Palutena.

Defeated enemies will leave behind hearts of different sizes. These hearts can be used to buy items in stores you find throughout the world.

You will come across many doors throughout your adventure. Some doors will lead to stores or upgrades while others will lead to rooms filled with vicious enemies!

In skyworld stages, if you walk through the edge of the screen you will appear on the other side. This is handy not only for finding easier routes, but also avoiding enemies. Unfortunately it doesn't work for the bottom of the screen and if you fall down, Pit will lose a life.

In fortress stages, Pit must navigate through a maze of rooms in order to reach the boss. There are many enemies to defeat or avoid so make sure to keep healthy enough to handle the boss!

The hammers you pick up can be used to smash statues you find. Doing this will free the Centurion inside who will help you when you face the fortress boss. Each boss has a great deal of health so you should take all of the help you can get.


There are many enemies found in Angel World but here are a few you will face early on:
Serpents that will move towards you relentlessly on the ground. They will also fall out of jars in some areas.
Slow moving but can take many hits. If they see you, they will charge forward and summon Reapettes to attack.
Will fly in weaving back and forth across the screen in formation when summoned by a Reaper.
Will fly in loose formation around the screen and can be especially dangerous if you are in a tight area.
Often found flying in large numbers an will try to swarm you from all directions. The ability to shoot above is handy with these!
Will suddenly appear out of the ground and shoot out a fireball which you can jump over or even duck under.
This frog-like creature jumps around and can even duck under your attacks so watch it closely!
Will move up in groups from the bottom of the screen in a horizontal formation forcing you to really move to avoid them.
Flying skulls found in the underworld that look like the Monoeye but attack in swarm formation from all directions.
Weak creatures in the underworld that moves slowly patrolling back and forth. Even though it has wings, it can't fly.

If you score enough points, your health will be increased at the end of the stage so don't avoid everything!