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Final Fantasy Guide

Gray Imp
Mad Pony
HP: 8 HP: 16 HP: 20 HP: 28 HP: 64    
Exp: 6 Exp: 18 Exp: 24 Exp: 30 Exp: 63    
GP: 6 GP: 18 GP: 6 GP: 8 GP: 15    

Kingdom of Coneria

Your journey begins right outside of the town of Coneria. Information is very valuable in Final Fantasy so talk to everyone you meet. The shops around town will sell goods your party can use such as new armor, weapons, magic and items. You won't be able to afford much at the moment so purchase wisely. Walking around town you may have heard the people mention the princess has been kidnapped. A visit to the castle north of town will confirm this. A soldier in the castle will mention reports that Garland is holding the princess captive in his tower to the northwest.

It's a dangerous world out there so spend some time gaining experience in the wilderness outside of Coneria. Fighting enemies will gain you experience and coin, allowing your party to become stronger and more capable of handling threats it will face. If you get low on health, take a rest at the inn in Coneria town.

Temple of Fiends |map|

Gray Wolf
HP: 10 HP: 20 HP: 48 HP: 56 HP: 72 HP: 80
Exp: 9 Exp: 24 Exp: 93 Exp: 63 Exp: 93 Exp: 132
GP: 3 GP: 12 GP: 50 GP: 15 GP: 22 GP: 80

Once you've gained a level or two, seek out the tower to the northwest. Level 3 should be strong enough; in fact some of the encounters in the tower may be more of a challenge than Garland himself. Garland is holding the princess in the center room but there are other small rooms in each corner of the tower that have items inside. Make sure to heal up before fighting him either through items or returning to Coneria.


Garland can be a bit challenging to a new party but at level 3, he doesn't stand much of a chance. Your red or black mage should cast the fire spell while your other characters attack. If any character becomes injured, make sure your white mage breaks off to start healing.

HP: 106
Exp: 130
GP: 250

After defeating Garland, you return to the throne room with the princess. Talk to her to get the lute and talk to the king and he tells you he is building a bridge, allowing you to travel north over the river. With your business in Coneria concluded, the four Light Warriors head north.

Straight north from the bridge, you find a cave with magical brooms and a witch who is distressed over her missing crystal. Far to the southeast lies the town of Pravoka. Some of the enemies found in the region can be challenging so don't be afraid to run away.

Green Ogre
HP: 100 HP: 92 HP: 68 HP: 56 HP: 132
Exp: 195 Exp: 153 Exp: 135 Exp: 117 Exp: 282
GP: 195 GP: 150 GP: 67 GP: 117 GP: 300


In Pravoka, the villagers tell you the town has been taken over by pirates. The shops are still open so rest at the inn and upgrade equipment and spells as much as you can afford. Confront the pirate captain Bikke in the upper left area of town and you will end up fighting a group of 9 pirates. Their numbers may be intimidating but they aren't as strong as they look. Once you've beaten his crew, Bikke will surrender his pirate ship, allowing you to sail the seas anywhere!

Now that the pirates have been dealt with, you can talk to the villagers and learn of the Elf Prince to the south and other new areas.

You can only disembark at a port and the sea you are in is landlocked so you can only go to so many places. Elfland to the south should be your goal. On your way there, be aware the sea is not free of danger and aquatic enemies will still be able to attack you aboard your ship. With the Elf Prince under the influence of a powerful sleeping spell, you will need to break the spell to restore peace to the land.

HP: 120 HP: 28 HP: 50    
Exp: 267 Exp: 30 Exp: 60  
GP: 66 GP: 30 GP: 120