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Dragon Warrior I
Weapons & Armor

Weapon Attack Cost Location
Bamboo Pole 2 10 Brecconary, Cantlin
Club 4 60 Brecconary, Garinham, Cantlin
Copper Sword 10 180 Brecconary, Kol, Rumuldar, Cantlin
Hand Axe 15 560 Garinham, Kol, Rumuldar, Cantlin
Broad Sword 20 1,500 Rumuldar, Cantlin
Flame Sword 28 9,800 Cantlin
Erdrick's Sword 40 - Chest within the Dragonlord's Castle
Armor Defense Cost Location
Clothes 2 20 Brecconary
Leather Armor 4 70 Brecconary, Garinham, Cantlin
Chain Mail 10 300 Garinham, Cantlin
Half Plate 16 1,000 Garinham, Kol, Rumuldar
Full Plate 24 3,000 Kol, Rumuldar, Cantlin
Magic Armor 24 7,700 Rumuldar, Cantlin
Erdrick's Armor 28 - Hauksness, search within the ruined armor shop
Shield Defense Cost Location
Small Shield 4 90 Brecconary, Kol
Large Shield 10 800 Garinham, Cantlin
Silver Shield 20 14,800 Cantlin


Item Cost Location Effect
Herb 24 Brecconary, Garinham, Kol Heal some HP
Torch 8 Brecconary, Garinham, Kol Light up dark caves, burns out after enough steps
Dragon's Scale 20 Brecconary, Garinham, Kol Raises defense when donned in your inventory
Fairy Water 38 Brecconary, Cantlin Repels monsters from attacking you
Wings 70 Kol, Cantlin Returns you back to Tantegel Castle
Magic Key 53 Rumuldar, Cantlin (98GP) Unlocks any door once
Fighter's Ring - Rock Mountain Cave Rumored to increase fighting ability
Death Necklace - Rock Mountain Cave Cursed item that squeezes when equipped, sell for 1200 GP
Cursed Belt - Grave of Garin Cursed item that squeezes when equipped, sell for 180 GP
Erdrick's Tablet - Erdrick's Cave Describes the three items needed to defeat Dragonlord
Fairy Flute - Kol Subdues the Golem guarding Cantlin
Silver Harp - Grave of Garin Monsters attack when played
Stones of Sunlight - Tantegel Castle's cellar One of three items needed at Southern Cave for Rainbow Drop
Staff of Rain - Northern Cave One of three items needed at Southern Cave for Rainbow Drop
Erdrick's Token - Swamp south of Cantlin One of three items needed at Southern Cave for Rainbow Drop
Gwaelin's Love - Gwaelin returned to Tantegel Displays exp needed for next level and your position
Rainbow Drop - Southern Cave Creates the Rainbow Bridge to each Dragonlord's Castle
Ball of Light - Dragonlord's Castle Destroys all of Dragonlord's monsters throughout Alefgard


Spell MP Lvl Effect
Heal 4 3 Heals some HP, can be used outside of battle
Hurt 2 4 Fire damage against an enemy in battle
Sleep 2 7 Temporarily puts a monster to sleep
Radiant 3 9 Illuminates dark areas similar to the Torch
Stopspell 2 10 Stops mosters from being able to chant spells
Outside 6 12 Instantly escape to the entrance of caves and dungeons
Return 8 13 Instantly return to Tantegel Castle, similar to the Wings item
Repel 2 15 Repels monsters from attacking you
Healmore 10 17 Heals a large amount of HP
Hurtmore 5 19 Large amount of fire damage against an enemy in battle