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The Adventures of Lolo

Princess Lala has asked Prince Lolo to help save the country of Eden from the Great Devil's reign of terror. While traveling to Eden, the Great Devil appears and kidnaps Princess Lala. Armed only with his wits and courage, it is up to Prince Lolo to travel to the Haunted Castle and save Princess Lala from the Great Devil.

To open the locked doors, Lolo must remove the Jewel from the treasure chest found in each room. To open the treasure chest, Lolo will need to grab all of the Heart Framers positioned around the room.

Sometimes when picking up a Heart Framer, Lolo will gain a Magic Shot. The Magic Shot can turn a monster into an egg which Lolo can push around.

Emerald Framers are handy for blocking a monster's shot or even confining them to a small space .

If you find yourself stuck, you can reset the room but it will cost Lolo one life.


There are many enemies Lolo must face. Learning their behaviors is the key to surviving the Haunted Castle.

Skakeys are harmless and can be moved in egg form to act as a blockade
He will fall asleep if he touches you and become immobile, blocking your path
When all Heart Framers are collected, they will come alive and shoot a fireball if they see Lolo
When all Heart Frames are collected, they will come alive and chase Lolo
While harmless, they will charge at Lolo if he is in their line of sight and can block him in
They will chase Lolo relentlessly around the room
Though they can't move, they will shoot deadly spikes at Lolo if he enters their line of sight
Don Medusa
Like the Medusa, they will shoot deadly spikes at Lolo but they can also move back and forth


Adventures of Lolo
The Adventures of Lolo is at first glance a simple puzzle game but you will quickly find there is a lot more to solving a room than you may assume. The puzzle elements are often times complex yet they are easy to understand. Moving around and interacting with things in real time adds an action game play element that many puzzle games lack. The enemies and their very different behaviors add great variety in the way you will need to go about solving a room. The password system allows you to continue right where you left off and losing all of your lives will still allow you to continue on from your current room. Despite the challenging puzzles, the game is very comfortable to play and allows players to progress at their own pace.