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Adventure Island

The Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess Leilani from Master Higgins and taken her to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. It is your mission to help Master Higgins to save Princess Leilani, but it's not going to be easy. On the Island, there are Forests, Mountains, caves many enemy characters, and traps waiting for you. Can Master Higgins save Princess Leilani from the Evil Witch Doctor?

Throughout Adventure Island, you will come across eggs that can be broken open for items to help Master Higgins on his quest.

Stone Axe
Throw at enemies to knock them out

The skateboard allows you to move quickly but you can't stop
She will follow Master Higgins for a short period of time making him invincible
Can be thrown farther than the Stone Axe

Increases the stamina recovered from eating fruit
Master Higgins has a particular dislike for grapefruit and it will quickly drain his stamina


As you explore the island, Master Higgins will lose stamina. Grab any fruit you see to restore his stamina and prevent him from eventually fainting from fatigue!

The environment holds many dangers for Master Higgins. Tripping over a rock will reduce his stamina and falling on a fire will put an abrupt end to his adventure.

Your reflexes will be tested to the max in Adventure Island. Not only do you need to watch out for dangerous enemies, you also need to have good control over Master Higgins to get over many obstacles.

Adventure Island
Adventure Island is at its core a solid platforming game that doesn't try to be much else. Even though you can pick up items that allow you to attack enemies, the game still centers around lightning reflexes and skillful control over Master Higgins. The controls are responsive and feel very natural and you will be thankful for this later in the game where you will find yourself in a tight pinch often. One of the most unique things about Adventure Island is the stamina gauge. As you play, it will slowly drain until Master Higgins succumbs to fatigue and dies. To keep it from draining, you need to pick up fruit scattered about the level. This becomes very challenging when fruit becomes more scarce and will force you to move more quickly through a level.

There is not much variation between the levels and they soon become repetitive and stale even though they are challenging in design. Each level has waypoints you can continue from if you die but they aren't that useful as extra lives are uncommon and losing all of your lives forces you to restart the game. The boss fight after each stage is against the same boss who has only one attack that is easily dodged. Defeating him requires nothing more than the patience to attack in between his short attacks. If you can't get enough of platformers, give this intensely challenging game a try.