Game Gear
Publisher Sega
Release Date December 1992
Genre RPG / Adventure
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console

Dragon Crystal

Finding yourself alone in a maze-like wilderness, you will need to make use of any weapons and items you can find in order to survive the beasts of the land. You will even need to locate food or you will eventually succumb to fatigue. Besides getting stronger with better equipment, you can also gain levels by defeating enemies so stand your ground and fight when you can.

Unexplored areas are represented by greyed or darkened trees and can only be uncovered by walking nearby.

Dragon Crystal is a Roguelike with quick turn based gameplay. Every action can be considered a turn whether it is attacking or moving and every enemy in range will make one action for everyone one you make. If you need some time to think about a situation, there's no need to pause the game - the enemies can only act when you do.

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