2002 Nintendo
Wii U Virtual Console

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

In Yoshi's Island, Mario takes a back seat as Yoshi and friends take the spotlight. Containing all of the great platforming action found in Super Mario Bros, Yoshi's Island features a few major changes. Getting hit won't cost you a life but it will send baby Mario flying. If he spends enough time off Yoshi's back, it will cost you a life. Yoshi has the ability to turn enemies into eggs which can be thrown at enemies or at items and objects.

One fateful day, a story carrying a baby Mario and Luigi is attacked by one of Bowser's koopa troops. While Luigi is captured, Mario falls to the island below. As luck would have it, Mario lands on a Yoshi's back, finding himself on Yoshi's Island. The group of Yoshis take it upon themselves to keep Mario safe and free Luigi, who is held captive in Bowser's castle.

As a port of Yoshi's Island to the Game Boy Advance, this game includes all of the content of the original Super NES game with a few added features. Though Yoshi's Island is an action platformer, there is increased emphasis on puzzle solving and exploration compared to Super Mario Bros games. Collecting all of the items in the stage also adds an optional challenge to those looking to get more out of the game.



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