Action / Adventure / Platformer
2002 Nintendo
Game Boy Advance
Wii U Virtual Console

Metroid Fusion

Widely considered a fan favorite alongside Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion is the fourth game in the Metroid series and the first for the Game Boy Advance. Like other Metroid games, Fusion combines the exploration of a hostile maze like environment with action platforming filled with dangerous enemies and areas alike.

During a mission to planet SR388, Samus is attacked by an X parasite on a research station orbiting the planet. Though she survives the attack, the station is taken over by the rapidly multiplying X parasites. Samus's mission is to clear the station of all hostile life forms. Because of the attack and her acquired immunity to X parasites, Samus can absorb them to increase health, missiles or bombs once they are destroyed.

While Samus still has her old bag of tricks such as missiles, bombs, the morph ball and wall jump, she has a few new tricks to survive SR388. Among them is the ability to grab onto ledges and climb ladders and bars - and shoot from them. Though Fusion is a bit more linear than other Metroid games due to its increased focus on story, it still offers the same great gameplay and winning formula you will experience in other Metroid games.

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