Role Playing Game
2003 Nintendo
Game Boy Advance
Wii U Virtual Console

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

As a spiritual successor to Mario RPG, Mario & Luigi takes some familiar features and puts them in a whole new adventure. The timed hits make a comeback in a big way. You are now able to control Mario at the same time as Luigi using the A and B buttons respectively in and outside of battles. You can do extra damage by pressing the character's button at the right moment during an attack or even avoid damage with the same timed button mechanic.

When Princess Peach gets her voice stolen by the evil witch Cackletta from the Beanbean Kingdom, Mario & Luigi, along with Bowser set out to put things back to normal. Though there are some mishaps such as Bowser's ship getting blown out of the sky almost immediately, the brothers must make their way through the Beanbean kingdom where many new towns and characters await on their quest to face Cackletta.

Mario & Luigi is a very lighthearted and comedic RPG that fans of Mario RPG and Paper Mario will enjoy. The action buttons are much more involved than ever before, keeping you on your toes and allowing most attacks to be dodged or taken with reduced damage. These action elements give Mario & Luigi a refreshing take on the RPG genre that can appeal to people that may prefer more involvement in the game besides just simply choosing attacks.

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