Prologue: The Fall of Renais

The Kingdom of Renais is being invaded by the Empire of Grado. Since they were longtime allies, Renais was caught off guard and Grado forces are able to reach the castle before much resistance can be mounted. The king decides to remain behind to find out why they are being attacked while sending his daughter Eirika away to safety along with his trusted knight Seth. Outside the castle Eirika and Seth are confronted by Valter, a powerful Imperial general and narrowly escaping, they continue to Frelia. As Seth and Eirika are about to reach a bridge that leads into Frelia, a small band of enemy soldiers reaches them.

Outside Frelia |Map|

Eirika is much weaker than Seth and is more likely to be killed by the enemy soldiers. Play it safe and have Seth move in front of her to intercept the attackers. Seth is much more at home on the battlefield and should be able to handle all of the enemy forces himself, including their leader O'Neill. Seth does begin the battle wounded from the attack by Valter so you may want to have him use a Vulnary item to restore some of his lost health.

Ch.1: Escape!

Princess Tana of Frelia is looking for a way to help her friend Eirika when Imperial forces show up. Taking refuge inside a nearby keep at Mulan, she sends word for her father, King Hydain, to send reinforcements while her remaining forces fortify the keep. After taking the keep, the Imperial general takes Tana hostage. After seeing Imperial forces have moved this far into Frelia, Seth recommends avoiding the area and quickly heading to the castle. Eirika objects however and it's decided they will try to liberate Mulan before the townspeople are hurt.

Mulan |Map|

In the town of Mulan, you can visit the houses on the map and converse with the people inside. This is a good opportunity to get Eirika some experience in battle by allowing her to finish off any wounded enemy soldiers. Just don't leave her in a position to be attacked by multiple enemies the next round! Soon after the battle begins, Frelian reinforcements Franz and Gilliam arrive from the north to lend a hand. Gilliam has strong armor and is great as a shield for more vulnerable units. You can talk with either of them if you are next to them on the map and Eirika can find out that Tana is being held in the keep nearby. After a few rounds have passed, Imperial reinforcements will arrive from the rear. The enemy commander, Breguet, guards the keep's gate. He is a powerful opponent but Seth is well equipped to deal with him. Just remember swords are weak against lances so attack with Seth's lance instead so you aren't at a disadvantage. After defeating Breguet, have Eirika seize the gate.

Reunited with Tana, Eirika travels to Castle Frelia and meets King Hayden where she learns grave news of her father. Upon hearing her brother Ephraim is still fighting the Empire of Grado, she wishes to ride to his aid. Even though the wise King attempts to warn her of the perils but Eirika is still determined to go. Upon seeing this, he assigns some of his most trusted vassals to escort her to the border in search of her brother.

Ch.2: The Protected

Traveling south towards Grado, Eirika and the others find themselves at the village of Ide which was up until recently a part of Renais.

Ide Village |Map|

Garcia and Ross are taking shelter near the keep south of the destroyed village but they won't be able to hold out forever. Send the Pegasus Knight Vanessa over to pick Ross up using the rescue command and bring him back to the safety of the west side of the mountain. You can visit the top two villages to receive a Red Gem and an Elixir. If Eirika visits the nearest village she will be able to meet a Grado general there though fortunately Eirika isn't recognized. Once Vanessa drops Ross off, have Moulder heal him and Eirika can speak to him to get him to join your forces. Have Vanessa rescue Garcia and the same way and if Ross speaks to him, Garcia will join you as well. After a few rounds have passed, enemy bandit reinforcements will arrive from the west right above the village near the bottom of the map. These bandits can be devastating to your weaker units as multiple attackers so be sure to intercept them with your stronger fighters.

The bandit leader, Bone, can be a pretty fierce opponent but traveling through the mountains takes a long time and it will take him several turns to reach you. To stand a better chance against him, you will want to take shelter in the fort below your starting position before he does. If you can, bring a faster unit like Seth to the bottom village to receive a Pure Water before the bandits reach it. Ganging up on Bone near the fort, you should be able to take him out in a single offensive turn.

Ch.3: The Bandits of Borgo

To be continued!


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