2001 Nintendo
Game Boy Advance
Wii U Virtual Console

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

A sequel to F-Zero for the Super NES, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is the first in the series to be released for a handheld console. F-Zero is a racing game that focuses heavily on exactly that: racing. While other racing games branch out and include special items and other features, F-Zero's focus is solely on driving and maneuvering - as fast as you possibly can.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity boasts over 20 tracks along with 10 different racing machines each with their own handling. The tracks are organized between 4 different series, each increasing in difficulty with more obstacles, tighter turns and faster opponents.

Though the racing mechanics are simple, there are a few extra features to add strategy to your game. Upon completing a lap, you gain a single boost that can be used by pressing both of the L and R buttons. Turning with the L or R buttons is also a major part of racing as they allow you to take corners at a much higher speed. The other racers on the road can damage your machine but there are also bombs and mines to contend with on the more difficult tracks


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