Turn Based Strategy
2001 Nintendo
Game Boy Advance
Wii U Virtual Console

Advance Wars

Advance Wars puts you in the commander's chair as you lead your forces to victory over land, sea and air. With a variety of units that have different strengths and weaknesses, learning different strategies involving them will mean the difference between victory and defeat.

You are a commander in the nation of Orange Star, tasked with fending off the invasion by the hostile nation Blue Moon and its commanding officer Olaf. Starting in the tutorial mode, you will gain an understanding of how battles work then you will be sent off on your own in the campaign mode. As the campaign rages on, you will encounter other nations and their commanding officers as well as different branches between missions based on your choices.

Battle takes place in turns alternating between you and your opponent. You can achieve victory in one of two ways: destroying all enemy units or by capturing the enemy HQ. Terrain and map layout may make one of those objectives easier than the others. Units may have different strengths and weaknesses but other factors contribute to how effective they are. As units become damaged, their ability to attack decreases. Units can gain defensive bonuses based on the terrain they occupy and the attacking unit gains a bonus to their damage when engaging the enemy.


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