Game Boy
Publisher Data East
Release Date 1993
Genre Action / Platformer
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console


As a ghost hunter, it's your job to capture ghosts, ghouls, monsters and other terrifying fiends into your vacuum. To defeat them, release the trigger on your vacuum to shoot them out but don't level them in there too long - if they break free, you're in trouble! Sometimes defeated enemies will drop letters to the word TUMBLEPOP and if you collect all of them, you can play the bonus game for extra items.

The controls are fairly simple; you can jump up and down the platforms with the A button (hold down to drop) and the vacuum is controlled by pressing or releasing the B button.

You can travel between areas on the overworld and challenge as many levels in each area as you like. The item store contains valuable items that can also be found in levels that can make you move faster, momentarily stop the clock, give faster movement, stronger vacuum and even temporary invincibility.

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