Game Boy Color


Release Date September 12, 2001
Genre Puzzle
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console

Toki Tori

Toki Tori is a puzzle game where you must guide the newly hatched chicken, Toki Tori, through each level as he searches for his stolen brothers and sisters who are all still in their eggs. Sometimes he needs a little help to get all the eggs in a level and this is where the tools come into play. Each level will give you a set number of tools you can use to get through it such as the bridge, teleporter and even a bazooka! Getting caught by a monster will restart the level so avoiding enemies is definitely part of the puzzle.

The early levels in the forest are perfect for figuring out how things work but rest assured the real challenges are not far away. Figuring out how to grab each egg with the tools you have available is where the real challenge is but remember - there's often more than one way to complete each room so experiment a little.

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