Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date August 1989
Genre Puzzle
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2)
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date December 22, 2011


Straight out of the Soviet Union, this is the action based puzzle game that kicked off the launch of the Game Boy in the United States. The object of the game is to position and rotate falling tetrad blocks in order to fill a horizontal row. Filled rows disappear and drop all of the blocks above them down, allowing you to keep playing as long as you can keep up. As you clear more rows, you advance in levels and the blocks start falling faster. It may seem easy at first but at the highest levels you have only moments to position the falling blocks!

An alternate Mode B allows you to play the same game except with the goal of clearing 25 rows instead. This mode also allows you to place junk pieces at the beginning of the game to give you an added challenge.

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