Game Boy
Publisher Kemco
Release Date September 1996
Genre RPG
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console

The Sword of Hope 2

You play as Theo, the son of the King, who sets out to retrieve the stolen sword of Hope and put an end to Zakdos's reign of terror. You interact with the world through the menu with commands, somewhat like Dragon Quest, and move between areas using the move map. Battles happen randomly when you move to another area and Theo and his party can use a variety of combat abilities in order to come out victorious. Besides basic physical attacks using equipped weapons, your party members can learn a variety of spells that can be used offensively or defensively.

Players that are used to the more direct control you have in Final Fantasy and similar RPGs may be a bit disoriented at first but once you get used to the interface, you will find it has the makings of a great adventure.

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