Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

While Mario was away saving Sarasa Land, his old childhood rival Wario makes his first appearance. He has stolen Mario's castle as well as put the people of Mario Land under his control with a spell. The only way to unlock Mario's castle and defeat Wario is to unlock it with the 6 Golden Coins scattered throughout the land. Mario must collect the 6 Golden Coins from Wario's henchmen and save Mario Land once again!

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Game Boy /3DS Virtual Console

Welcome to Mario Land!
There are 6 main multi-level zones you must conquer in order to retreive the 6 Golden Coins that can unlock the door to Mario's Castle.

Powerup Items
If mario picks up a Mushroom, he will transform into Super Mario. Getting hit will turn him back into regular Mario.
By picking up the Flower, Mario will gain the ability to throw fireballs to destroy enemies.
The Carrot will allow Mario to turn into Bunny Mario, giving him the ability to stay in the air by using his ears.
With the Star, Mario becomes invincible to enemies for a short perriod of time and can run right through them.
Mario will have his own space suit for the Space Zone. He will be able to jump higher than normal or even float indefinitely depending on the level!

If you come across a bell in a level, jump to it to ring it. Doing this will allow you to start from that point if you die.

Ring the bell at the end of a stage to play a bonus game where you can win a power up or extra lives! Reaching the bell may require a differnent path through the stage.

Spend your hard earned coins at the slot machine for a chance to win power ups and extra lives.


Progress is saved as stages are completed so you can continue from where you left off after a break.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
The biggest change you may notice if you are coming from the first Super Mario Land is how much bigger everything is, making it much easier to tell what's happening on the Game Boy screen. The graphics really are a step up and everything looks as smooth as it plays. The play control has also really improved and is able to deliver the platforming action you expect in a Mario title. It's a fairly short and easy game though and can be beaten in a single sitting. It's great for killing time in an afternoon but it isn't a lengthy adventure like many other Mario games. Rest assured you will still be able to save your progress.