Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date February 1997
Genre Puzzle
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console

Mole Mania

In Mole Mania, you must make your way through the land in order to rescue your children from the evil farmer Jinbe. By digging into the ground, you will be able to get past obstacles above ground. Some areas below ground cannot be dug through so a trip back up to the surface may be what's needed to get to the other side. You can also hold B to check what's above ground so you don't walk right into an enemy!

Some areas above ground are blocked off by a stone block. This is where the black ball comes into play. By grabbing the ball and holding B, you can charge up your strength to hurl it in a direction, destroying enemies or blocks that get in its way. You can also push it around but be careful not to let it fall into a mole hole or it will reappear back at its holder. Other objects like cabbages, barrels, weights and elbow pipes will help you overcome much more challenging areas later in the game.

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