Metroid II: Return of Samus

After Samus Aran foiled the Space Pirates' plans on planet Zebes to use the Metroids for their own purposes, the Galactic Federation decides the Metroids are too dangerous to be left alive. After sending several failed missions to the Metroid homeworld, planet SR388, the Galactic Federation contacts Samus Aran to destroy all remaining Metroids on the planet.

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Platformer / Adventure

Your mission is to destroy all of the Metroids on planet SR388 and the number in the lower right will show you how many remain. The path to these Metroids is dangerous but several cybernetic upgrades can be found by Samus to help you survive the Metroids' dangerous home world.

Set them while in ball shape and they will explode shortly after to damage enemies or blast through some walls.
Spider Ball
Allows you to roll up along walls while in ball form.

High Jump Boots
Allows you to jump over twice the height of a normal jump.

Spring Ball
Allows you to jump while in ball form

Space Jump
Allows you to jump again while already in the air. With practiced timing, you will be able to reach great heights.
Screw Attack
While doing a spinning jump, you will now be able to damage enemies you come into contact with.
Varia Suit
A powerful body armor that doubles the amount of damage you can take.

Ice Beam
Allows you to freeze an enemy in place and even use them as a platform by jumping on them.
Wave Beam
A beam that travels in a wave pattern, giving a wide area of attack.

Spazer Beam
A triple beam shot that allows a wide area of attack.

Plasma Beam
A powerful single beam that can even penetrate walls.