Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date March 1995
Genre Puzzle
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date August 4, 2011

Mario's Picross

Mario's Picross is a puzzle game that's complicated at first glance but it's really much more simple than it looks. Your goal is to chisel out the correct picture out in the grid. The clues for the places you should chisel are located in the numbers above and to the side of every row/column. These numbers tell you how many blocks you need to chisel. Looking at the simple puzzle to the left, you can see the numbers 2 and 1 over the left most column. This means you need to chisel out 2 blocks next to each other and 1 by itself in that column. In the top row on the side you see 4 written, meaning you need to chisel out 4 blocks in that row that are all next to each other. The challenge comes from figuring out where these blocks are supposed to go by looking at what needs to go into the rows and columns around it. The puzzles vary widely in difficulty so you can get the basics down. If you are looking for more of a fun recreational alternative to Brain Age, definitely check out Mario Picross.

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