Game Boy Color
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date October 20, 1999
Genre Sports
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console

Mario Golf

Mario Golf is much different from most sports games in that the main play mode plays a lot like an RPG. You can even create your own custom characters with their own stats to fit your play style. As you walk around Marion Clubhouse, you can talk to other golfers to learn about the game and how you can learn new techniques. The game of course still contains other modes you would expect such as tournament, match, stroke and training. With 5 main courses to play on, you will find a lot of variety and challenge in between each hole.

As with most golf games, the controls are fairly simple but kind of confusing at first glance. For each shot, you choose the direction you want to hit and then you make use of the power gauge at the bottom with a marker traveling back and forth. Pressing the A button will place the first mark, determining the power of your shot and placing the second mark as close to the highlighted area as you can, determines how straight your shot will be. Be sure to pay attention to the wind and type of terrain you are shooting from as you can have drastically different results!

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