Role Playing Game
2001 Natsume
3DS Virtual Console

Lufia: The Legend Returns

Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third game in the Lufia series and the first to appear on a hand-held system. The game follows the journey of the young warrior Wain and his quest through the four continents to stop the Sinistrals - evil warriors who seek to take over the world.

Though it looks like a standard console RPG at a glance, the battle system is one of the most innovative you will find in the genre. You can have a party of up to nine characters who all fight in a 3x3 formation. Though you have nine characters, you can only have one character in each (vertical) column attack for a maximum total of 3 attacks per round. Characters in front do more damage but they also take more damage so those with lower defenses like mages may be in a better position off the front line. Formation is also important based on the direction enemies may attack you from - a back attack will even start the battle with your back row in front!

In addition to actually being able to see the enemies in dungeons, you can also make use of Wain's sword to uncover hidden items, traps, or to even stun enemies you don't want to fight. Dungeons are also randomly generated each time you reach a new floor so every time you venture forth, it will be different.

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