Game Boy
Publisher Capcom
Release Date July 1990
Genre Adventure / Platformer
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date August 25, 2011

Gargoyle's Quest

In Gargoyle's Quest, you take on the role of Firebrand in order to go out and defend the Ghoul Realm from invading enemies. The game is divided between action platforming and overhead exploration in the overworld and towns. The platforming takes place during random encounters in the overworld and when entering a hostile area like a tower or a cave.

Firebrand is able to shoot out a fireball to destroy enemies and he can also hover for a time to clear enemies or hazards in the level. He is also able to grab onto walls and jump up from them, allowing you to reach high areas. The great thing about Gargoyle's Quest is that you can find various items to improve your abilities like the ability to jump higher, fly longer and even new attacks.

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