Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date August 1, 1989
Genre Action
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2)
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date July 14, 2011

Game & Watch Gallery

Game & Watch Gallery is a compilation of 4 titles from Nintendo's Game & Watch series of handheld games: Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic. Each game is given an updated look but the classic version is available to play as well.

In Manhole, you must help Yoshi hold up all of the platforms as various Nintendo characters frollic over them or else they will fall into the water below. In Fire, Mario and Luigi must bounce characters from the burning building to the recovery cart without letting them touch the ground. In Octopus, guide Mario must steal as much treasure as possible from the treasure chest without getting caught in the giant octopus's tentacles. In Oil Panic, Bowser is dumping oil into the castle and Mario must catch it before it touches the ground. He can carry 2 containers that can hold 3 drops each and you need to dump each on Yoshi below on either side or else you will hit your friends beneath.

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