Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date December 1, 1990
Genre Puzzle
Players Single Player
2 Players VS
3DS Virtual Console

Dr. Mario

As Mario tosses pills down into the bottle, it's your job to move them around to get rid of the viruses inside. By matching up 4 or more of the same color in a row, you will remove those parts from the field. The challenge is placing each capsule which contains 2 colors, which can end up getting in the way where you don't want them.

It plays very similarly to Tetris, allowing you to rotate each falling capsule as needed and the speed increases as time goes on. Luckily you can try again on the same level if you lose so you don't have to play through the slow moving earlier levels again. It's a very simple and addictive puzzle game and if you enjoy games like Tetris or Yoshi, this one's for you.

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