Game Boy
Publisher Data East
Release Date March 1991
Genre Puzzle
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2 alt)
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date October 27, 2011

BurgerTime Deluxe

In order to assemble the perfect burger, you must assist Peter Pepper in dropping each part down, one on top of the other by walking along the length of it. If a part of the burger falls on another part that isn't the bottom, it will knock the lower part down one level. This isn't as easy as it sounds though as walking pickles, hot dogs, eggs and donuts will be roaming around the stage. You can use ladders to reach the upper levels - but so can they! You can take care of enemies with the pepper shaker or by dropping a part of the burger right on top of them. With 24 different stages, BurgerTime Deluxe expands its scale from the original ardade version with 6 stages.

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