Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date October 1990
Genre Platformer / Action
Players Single Player
Multiplayer (2)
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date November 3, 2011

Balloon Kid

Although it's the sequel to Balloon Fight for the NES, Balloon Kid focuses more on collecting balloons in stages instead of defeating all of the enemies on screen. As Alice, you must make your way through stages by using balloons that allow you to float in any direction. Alice can safely touch some enemies but the balloons cannot; they will pop if they contact with enemies or sharp objects. You can also release your balloons at any time to allow you to enter smaller areas or to fight bosses. You can pump up new balloons by repeatedly pressing down. An alternate play mode called balloon trip also makes a comeback from Balloon Fight where you must navigate through lighning while collecting as many balloons as possible.

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