Game Boy
Publisher Hudson Soft
Release Date February 1992
Genre Platformer
Players Single Player
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date December 1 , 2011

Adventure Island

Based on Adventure Island II for the NES, Adventure Island for the Game Boy gives you the fast paced platforming action you would expect. The rules are the same: as Master Higgins makes his way from island to island, his stamina will decrease over time and if it runs out, he will succumb to fatigue. To keep this from happening, pick up any fruit along the way to restore it.

Master Higgins will also be able to ride various dinosaurs that give him added abilities like being able to destroy boulders. Don't worry though, previous items like the axe and skateboard also appear. Adventure Island is a big game with 8 different islands each with 5 levels and a boss. If you lose all of your lives, you can resume at the beginning of the island you are on.

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Adventure Island
The thing that separates Adventure Island games from any other platformer is the fatigue gauge. You need to pick up fruit to restore your energy, forcing you to maybe go through a level more quickly or take a more dangerous route to grab the fruit there. In earlier levels, you don't have to worry about this so much but later on it will really test your ability to make a quick decision!

Though it is based on Adventure Island II for the NES, there are a few differences. The size of the screen is much smaller around Master Higgins so you can't see as far around but the game speed is also a reduced a bit so you have more time to react to enemies and jumps. The levels may be a bit shorter but the challenges and enemies you face remain mostly unchanged. It's a fast paced game with accurate controls, fun power-ups and great level design so if you are looking for a solid handheld platformer, you will definitely want to give Adventure Island a try.